Points are collected by using percentile, no matter the difficulty of the race or number of participants:

  • Maximum points that you can get in a race is 100
  • If 30% the people have finished before you, you get 70 points, if 83% of the people have finished before you, you’ll get 17 points

The more races you join, the better chance you have to be up in the ranks


Individual ranks are assigned using percentile against all runners in a race. If a race consists of 100 runners and you’re 15-th, you’ll get 85 points. All races give a maximum of 100 points.

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Team ranks

Team ranks are average of the results of all participants in the team adding the number of participants in a race. For example: if a team of 5 people have 120 points from 3 races, the first race the team had 3 people, the 2nd 4 and the third 5, the result is 120+3+4+5 or total 132 points.
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Points split by races

Ranks are by percentage points from all participants.

If 30% of the pople have finished faster than you, you’ll et 70 points. If you have 82% of the runners, you’ll get 18 points.

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