Amount We will cover:
1000 BGN Monthly financial stipend and support of two Teach For Bulgaria participants
2500 BGN Monthly financial stipend and support of five Teach For Bulgaria participants
5000 BGN Monthly financial stipend and support of ten Teach For Bulgaria participants


Why support Teach For Bulgaria?

Teach For Bulgaria (TFB) envisions a future where every child in Bulgaria has access to quality education, regardless of their socio-economic status or place of residence. To reach such a future, the organization attracts and develops motivated professionals who dedicate their work to creating positive change in high-need schools and in the education system overall. Teach For Bulgaria was initiated and continues to be funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, as well as corporate and individual donors. The organization is a registered non-profit in Bulgaria and a member of the Teach For All network, which unites similar organizations in 50 countries, all working to improve access to quality education for every child.


Teach For Bulgaria was recognized as the “Best Educational Program” and “Best Program for Career Development” at the 2018 Employer of the Year awards.


How does Teach For Bulgaria make a difference?

Teach For Bulgaria works with key public and private partners in order to address the inequality in access to opportunities, achievements and development for disadvantaged students in Bulgaria. Despite some of the impressive achievements of young Bulgarians, 40% of 15 year olds in the country are functionally illiterate and over 20% of all students who enter grade 1 do not graduate high school. These negative trends shape the future of many students in Bulgaria, including their successful integration into the labor market. Teach For Bulgaria focuses on recruiting, training and supporting motivated and proven professionals to become qualified teachers in high-need schools across the country. After their 2-year participation in the program, Teach For Bulgaria teachers continue to contribute to positive change in the education sector as Teach For Bulgaria alumni. Over 80% of Teach For Bulgaria’s alumni continue to work actively in the sector, and 30% of them continue teaching


For 2018/2019 academic year, 111 Teach For Bulgaria participants teach in 11 regions of the country, reaching more than 8000 students.


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