Synergia Foundation is established in 2015 as a non-profit legal entity. The mission of our team is improving the quality of life of visually impaired
people in Bulgaria through events, projects and services and also to change in positive direction the attitudes of the society towards the blind. We are
very happy that we`re invited again to join the TechRun sport event. Thanks to the support that we receive from various sport charity events our cause
is touching more and more blind people. This year we`re raising funds for the charity campaign for buying assistive tools for visually impaired, which
are young, talented and proactive people. We choose to raise money for white canes, because they are most used in everyday life in the city. For the event
we formed a blind-team of 12 persons, which will run with volunteers. Our aim is to buy 12 white canes for BGN 100 each, which will be granted to each
member of the blind-team.