Cause 2021

“Trotoara 2020” Community Center was founded in 2020 by 229 people. It fully supersedes the activities of the Trotoara Foundation and the TRAP project.

Children and youngsters attending our Centre are involved in music, gaming, educational courses, workshops, handicrafts, dance, art and many other interesting and useful activities, completely free of charge.

Our goal is to create a healthy environment that fosters young people’s creativity and expression. We strive to encourage them to build and develop their cultural, spiritual, intellectual and national values, to improve their skills and to develop new ones. We would like to motivate them to be active, to learn and share, thus supporting their personal and professional growth as well-rounded citizens of Bulgaria and the world.

We are located at the TRAP building, whose facilities include a recording studio, a computer room, a workshop, a library and a meeting space for enthusiasts of all ages.

Our membership numbers rose to 254 people in 2021. We organized dozens of events and a 7-day festival in Borisova Garden with a total attendance of several thousand people. We recenty created a music label and plan to record our first music compilation in October. For a third year in a row we organized a student gaming tournament with a minimum academic entry requirement of an average grade 4. On May 24, we opened our new library.

Your donation 

We are going to donate BGN 5 from each ticket for the competition to the Trotoara Foundation to help the bands with new cymbals and microphones.

event Partners

Contact us if you wish to support the race.